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How to repair ZIP file Error while opening??

ZIP is an archive file format which is capable of compressing data without any data loss in one of the most secured and authenticated way. Since, this files are developed with some specific reasons, therefore, if it gets inaccessible or unreachable, then its users is left in perplexed state of affair. When such useful files get inaccessible different kinds of messages are flashed on your screen. Whenever, user tries to access error opening ZIP file, he fails to do so and ends up losing all the valuable information. One of the best possible solutions for such sort of disastrous situation is to use application like Repair ZIPX, which has got the capability to tackle with any kind of corruption or broken related issues over any compressed file. This tool helps you out to fix error opening ZIP file making them reusable.

Header corruption is one of the common problems which happen over ZIP files. The header files are corrupted due to virus infection, improper shut down of system while some compression or decompression task is going on. If header file is corrupted then ZIP files becomes inaccessible and deliver error message while opening the ZIP file. So, to repair error opening ZIP file afte header corruption, simply make use of this software. For more details click here :

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

ZIP files are widely used as it can compress large size data that can be sent through internet and it also reduces the system space. When compressed files is sent through internet and it isn’t attached properly to the mail while sending, it may deliver corrupted file at the other end of the line i.e. downloader will receive corrupted file. When such kind of error happens on archived file messages like “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive” are reported to user whenever he or she tries to have access to it. If you wish to repair corrupted ZIP file, then make use of repair ZIP tool. The software can fix all ZIP file opening errors and extracts complete information.

Sometimes, ZIP files can also get corrupted if the files are compressed by making use of some unauthenticated third party compression tools. And, due to bad CRC, you may face ZIP file opening errors which means that your ZIP files are corrupted. Since, CRC is a calculation process which finds accurate transmission of archive file, thus if you come across any error opening ZIP files then entire file becomes unreadable. To know more about CRC corruption related scenarios in an detailed way visit this link

Compressed files are also corrupted during file transferring from one storage device to another storage device, for example if the ZIP files are transferred from PC to pen drive and if the pen drive is abruptly removed while the transfer process is still going on, then ZIP files are corrupted. Virus infection also leads to the file corruption.

Repair ZIPX software can be used to overcome all above mentioned problem, as it can repair all type of corrupted ZIP or ZIPX file. It can repair large corrupted ZIP files i.e. 4GB and more in size. The tool can repair error opening ZIP file on all Windows OS versions i.e. Windows XP, Vista and 7(32bit, 64bit).

Tips to avoid ZIP file corruption in future:

  • Use always genuine and updated anti-virus tools to keep system virus free.
  • Always check the network connection so that while downloading ZIP files so that error opening ZIP file should not be generated.
  • Never change the file extension with any unsupported format.
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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008


Steps to fix error opening ZIP file using REPAIR ZIPX:


Step1: Download and install the software and browse the ZIP file which must be repaired as in Figure 1.


Error Opening ZIP file - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Software will start scanning the ZIP file and will read all its internal structure to reconstruct valid ZIP file parameters to regenerate the compressed archive and eventually you will get a list of files / folders from the compressed archive


Error Opening ZIP File - Scanning Window

Figure 2 : Scanning Window


Step 3: Repaired files and folders are obtained which can be saved into the desired destination as in Figure 3.


Error Opening ZIP File - Save Screen


Figure 3 : Save Screen


Note: In demo version you can only preview the list of repaired files using preview option but you can’t save it. In case you want to save repaired files, then you have to activate the software by purchasing the full version of this application.

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008