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Best Way to Send Multiple Files via Email

With improvement of internet technology, our requirement and expectations are also increasing. One of the most useful uses of internet is transferring files via email. You can send documents, images, Excel file, presentations within a minute through email. Even you can attach multiple files with a single email and send to many people at one go. But, in every emailing platform there is a limitation of maximum size of attachment that you can send. If you want to send multiple files at once via email, it may be a challenge for you when it is oversized. Here is a good and appropriate solution on this problem. You can make a compressed & single file using those files that will be less in size and easier to send. Remo MORE software is an efficient and well-known ZIP file creation application to send multiple files at once via email.

When you are going to send different types of files to your friend, you can attach to email individually. But, it will be very time consuming and prone to corruption during download. If you add those files in a single ZIP file, it will be easier to attach them to email and also be secure from corruption at the receiving end. Use of archive file is the most handy and efficient way to send multiple files at once via email. Due to use of single file, downloading of files will be quick and easier to the receiver. If you are thinking how to create a ZIP archive on computer, make use of this efficient Remo MORE software immediately.

Use of ZIP archive will also be helpful when you want to send larger file via email. It may be a collection of several files or be a single movie file. If it is of several GBs, and you need to send it through email, you should compress it first before attaching to email. After compression, it requires less memory respective to its original size and you can send it through email easily. In compression of files, Remo MORE software will help you. Using this compressed file format, you can protect those files from common viruses secure from illegal access. You can apply some password to the archive if you are sending some confidential information through mail.

Remo MORE software is an expert-recommended application to create a ZIP file from multiple information. This application is developed with easy user interface so that both professional and novice users do not face any difficulty in use. This tool uses some efficient file compression algorithm to create a compressed ZIP from multiple files and folders. Using this utility, you can also split and encrypt files in an easy and secure way. Even, if you want to update a created ZIP file before sending through internet, this software will help you. You can make use of Remo MORE software on all major versions of Windows and Mac computer to send multiple files at once via email.

Steps to use this application:


Step1: Install this software on your computer and after launching it, go to "Manage" tab. Then, click on "Compress & Burn" option to create the compresed archive file.

How to Send Multiple Files at Once via Email - Select Compress & Burn


Figure 1 : Select Compress & Burn

Step 2: In this step, you can select "Create New RZip File" option as shown in Figure 2.

How to Send Multiple Files at Once via Email - Create New RZip File


Figure 2 : Create New RZip File

Step 3: Next, you have to add those files that you want to sent via email and then click on "Compress" button to create the RZip file. After compression, you have to browse the single ZIP file and can send tham all at one go via email.

How to Password Protect ZIPX File - Add & Compress Files


Figure 3 : Add & Compress Files